Everything You Need to Know About Conroe, Texas

Conroe is one of the most beautiful towns in Texas, with its picturesque layout and friendly people. The city’s history dates back centuries before it was even an incorporated area; King Charles I issued a royal charter for what would become known as “Conroes” on March 27th 1690 which made this small community official seat to many important functions including licensing merchants who sold goods from England during colonial times . Today you can find all sorts here such shopping districts fulling populated by antique stores or art galleries showcasing local talent – not just architecture but painting too!


The city is named after Isaac Conroe, a former Union Cavalry officer who settled in Houston after the Civil War. He became one of its most famous lumbermen and founded an early mill here that would later be known as “Conroes Switch.” The community’s economy relied heavily on harvesting local piney woods for many years until there were too few trees left due to industrialization efforts by other countries such as Canada or Japan; this led them change their focus towards cultivating ornamental plants instead (such us ailanthus).

The transformation from an agricultural city to a modern metropolis has been elbows-deep since the early 20th century. Oil riches led many Houstonians into bankruptcy during The Great Depression, but they quickly got back on their feet when oil prices rose again after World War II ended!


The city of Conroe is located about 40 miles (64 km) north of Houston and provides a perfect location for those who want to be close enough but not too far away from all the big-city amenities.


Middle Lake on the southern side of Jones State Forest.

The Conroe region of the East Texas Piney Woods is home to a southwest corner that consists primarily of loblolly pines. Shortleaf and GBL varieties can also be found in abundance, while blackland prairie vegetation remains scarce due mainly urbanization pressures from humanity’s development throughout this area over time which has caused significant changes for both plant life types present here along with its natural habitats they need so much protection against outside influences like pollution or logging practices etc.

Water resources

The West Fork of the San Jacinto River as seen from McDade Park on the western edge of Conroe.

The West Fork of the San Jacinto River is a scenic and popular spot for fishing, water sports like kayaking or canoeing. The entire city falls within its watershed – meaning that if you’re out there exploring near Lake Conroe then chances are your adventures will be impacted by what’s happening along this river!

Parks & Recreations

Downtown Conroe

Step back in time to when downtown Conroe was the bustling oil town it used be. Explore antiques at Central Market and Mimi’s on Main, where you can find that perfect gift for someone special or just yourself! There are three art galleries located throughout this historic city center–don’t forget about Brownlee Jewelers with their 90-year history here; they’ve been selling jewelry since before most people were born (and if not them then their parents). You’ll want plenty more than gifts though – enjoy gallery exhibits while strolling through one mile of beautifully landscaped gardens enjoying views along Colorado Bayou Park too.

Candy Cane Park

Whether you’re a family looking for an enjoyable day outdoors or just want some time away from your desk, Candy Cane Park has something that will suit every need. With 24 acres of trails available to explore in addition the many amenities already mentioned such as ADA compliant playgrounds and picnic areas among other things this is one destination not be missed!

  • Pavilion
  • Gazebo
  • Restrooms
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis courts
  • Play structures
  • 3/8 mile jogging/walking trail
  • Picnic areas
  • Access to swimming facilities

Founder’s Plaza

The development of this park began in spring 2009. It was opened to the public during winter months, with features such as a covered stage for performances and landscaping that make it an enjoyable place to spend time when outside temperatures are low!

Montgomery County Veterans Memorial

Dedicated to building a new Veterans Memorial Park in Montgomery County, Texas that will honor US veterans and first responders.

Free Things To Do

There’s no need to spend money on vacationing when you have so many options available in Conroe! Whether it be exploring nature by hiking or fishing, listening for great music at one of our city parks (with playgrounds and ball fields!), taking advantage from free events such as First Thursday concerts–there is always something new happening here.

Learn about Texas History at the Texas Flag Park or on the walking Art Bench tour in downtown. Or grab the whole family and check out Conroe’s GeoTour! 

Best Places to Live in Conroe, Texas

Large city complex – Southeast Texas, 50 miles inland from the Gulf Coast. April, October and March are the most pleasant months in Conroe, while July and August are the least comfortable months.



The view from atop State Highway 105, with the archway connecting two buildings that are part of our community – The Montgomery County Courthouse and Court Annex. In 2012 this area was classified as a “large urbanized transit zone,” which means it’s eligible for federal transportation funds particularly related to public transport services like rail or bus rapid corridors among other things!

  • Interstate 45 directly connects the city with Houston to its south (40 miles) and with Dallas to its northwest (200 miles).
  • Texas Highway 105 connects the city of Cleveland to the east and town of Montgomery to the west.
  • Texas Loop 336 circles the city of Conroe.
  • Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport provides general aviation services to Conroe.
  • Greyhound Bus Lines operate a small station.


In the early 1920s, a sanitarium was established in Maryville as an organized form of healthcare. This is because private institutions were more popular at that time period and it replaced their previous facility – which no longer exists today after being replaced by another public institution decades ago.

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