The Pros and Cons of Living in Conroe, TX

You’ve decided to move in the direction of Conroe, TX. You want all types of information about this town so you can make an informed decision on where it is best for your family and yourself! Lucky enough we have plenty available right here waiting just around these parts…

Conroe, TX is a great place to live with many pros. Located about 40 miles (64 km) from Houston and the population has significantly increased in recent years which means you’ll be close enough for your kids’ school but still have low housing costs on top of it all!

Pro: The Cost of Living in Conroe, TX is Below The National Average

With an overall cost index of 95/100, Conroe is 5% lower than the U.S average. Despite being located in one of America’s most expensive cities for living expenses like utilities and healthcare (to name just two), residents can still enjoy a comfortable standard of life with this small reduction when compared against other places across our great nation!

When you think about it, 5% is actually a pretty sweet deal. You can get all that extra money without giving up anything and still be able to enjoy life! For example if your monthly bills were $440k then simply cutting them by just 1/10th would save more than 2 grand per year – which could really add some spice into an otherwise mundane existence..

Below are the major cost indices for Conroe, all of which are below the national average:

  • Overall: 95/100
  • Housing: 91/100
  • Transportation: 92/100
  • Healthcare: 96/100
  • Groceries: 97/100
  • Utilities: 99/100
  • Miscellaneous: 99/100

Con: Conroe’s Comfort Index is Low

June through September in Conroe, Texas can be a sweaty and uncomfortable experience. It’s not just the heat that makes it hard to take off your clothes -the humidity also plays its part! On average there are only three days where you’ll find yourself with both temperature above 70 degrees AND low levels of moisture on cloths or skin (70°+).

Conroe, Texas is a city that has it both good and bad. The winters are mild with little snow but extremely hot during summer months (the average comfort index here 7 out 10). residents often rent climate controlled storage units so they can protect their belongings from humidity which makes this place perfect if you hate heat or cold more than other things!


Pro: The School System in Conroe is Excellent

Conroe is a great place to live if you have children because schools here are top notch. Over half of them get an A or higher grade, which any student will tell ya’ll that’s fantastic! College Park High School-the 37th best public high school in Texas-, along with many other excellent ones make it easy on all students who attend these fine institutions. With dedicated teachers and small class sizes they’ll be educated from day one while also getting plenty of personal attention as well!

Con: The Commute Time in Conroe is Problematic

Commuting in Conroe can be a frustrating experience for residents who drive to work. The average commute time is nearly 29 minutes, longer than the national average of 26 and much worse when you factor how many people are Battlefield commuters (more on this later). One good thing about these long commutes? Almost 12% carpool with others which means there’s less traffic!

Pro: Living is Healthy and Safe in Conroe, TX

Living in Conroe, TX offers many benefits. For example it’s 3% below the national average for healthcare costs which means you’ll save money on your prescriptions and doctor visits! Another great thing about living here? The crime rate; ours is remarkably low compared to most other places around America (and even worldwide). So if safety matters as much or more than price tags do then look no further because we’ve got what works best just right at home with us now.

We know how important health care quality can be- afterall our town has an excellent hospital system so seniors don’t need worry whether they’ll find good service close by when needed.

Con: There Are Fewer Attractions in Conroe than in Similar Cities

Conroe is a small town with few big city amenities. However, it does have something to offer visitors in terms of culture and fun activities such as the Conroe Art League!

Pro: There Are Many Good Places to Eat and Drink in Conroe, TX

Conroe is a great place to enjoy some delicious food and drink. Whether you’re looking for an excellent steak, seafood platter or just want something different like Indian cuisine – there are restaurants that will meet your needs! There’s also plenty of breweries around so visitors can get their alcohol withdrawals taken care quickly if needed as well as wineries where one may picnic among grapes while taking in the beautiful views nearby. Some of the good places to eat in Conroe, TX, are:

  • B.E. Winery
  • Moorhead’s Blueberry Farm
  • B-52 Brewing Company
  • Bartletts Distillery
  • The Republic Grille
  • Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen
  • Mama Juanita’s Mexican Restaurant
  • Saltgrass Steak House

Conroe, TX, is a Good Place to Live

From excellent schools to a decent cost of living, there are more pros than cons when it comes time for you consider Conroe. From amazing places eat or go on the weekends; this town has everything! And with our help at iStorage – giving clients affordable storage solutions they need in order make their homes even better – well now YOU can enjoy all these benefits too by storing away those things that take up space elsewhere.

iStorage’s storage units in Conroe are clean, safe and affordable. On-site managers provide 24/7 security to keep them that way! When folks arrive at iSTorage they can take as much time for their new home search – because we know how important it is finding the right place not just somewhere temporary like a hotel ormotel 6 .

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Brandon Morse
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Sydney Billington
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